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Artificial Intelligence

The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race….It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete and would be superseded.                                                                                  —Stephen Hawking



Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed think like humans and mimic their actions. The term may also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving.

The ideal characteristic of artificial intelligence is its ability to rationalize and take actions that have the best chance of achieving a specific goal. A subset of artificial intelligence is machine learning, which refers to the concept that computer programs can automatically learn from and adapt to new data without being assisted by humans. Deep learning techniques enable this automatic learning through the absorption of huge amounts of unstructured data such as text, images, or video.



   Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing business. By tapping into vast stores of previously siloed structured and unstructured data, you can fundamentally transform your business and disrupt your industry. AI is not one technology; it's a set of technologies and building blocks, all using data to unlock intelligent value across industries and business functions.

AI Consulting Services from IBM help you leverage AI to drive smart reinvention of your workflows and technology. IBM helps you implement a data-first strategy, take advantage of your data, augmenting with third-party sources, and integrate with other advanced technologies, such as IoT and Intelligent Automation, to achieve tangible business insights faster. IBM is here to guide you through your enterprise AI transformation journey.

We at Calibre Consultants provide buisenesses consultation services in broad categories such as - 

  • Predictive Analysis

  • Intelligence Automation

  • Data Driven IoT

  • AI-Powered Business Solutions

  • Deep Learning

 What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?


                           "If Automation is in your mind, Without

                            Artificial Intelligence it is not possible."

Want to implement an idea?

     We help you implement automation with the help of Artificial Intelligence to your business ecosystem. By providing you AI consulting services, we identify concerns to your organization pushing off the blockchain agenda and give you insights on how can AI unlock value in your organisation. 


How we are going to consult you?

Understanding your present infrastructure

We evaluate the potential of your existing data, software infrastructure and technology to deploy AI systems and workflows. Based on the correct overview of your current infrastructure, we arrive at the point where we set an exact AI solution for you.We discover the right AI technology and tools for bringing improvement.

Pilot Testing 

We experiment with a small-scale system/MVP to demonstrate the capability of AI technology for your business and analyze the possible improvement to the AI system. We check whether system is efficient in its working or not.


Once all stakeholders see the value and approve the solution, our AI developers and designers launch a live system. We also maintain and provide support for ongoing operations and changes.

Final Evaluation

We AI consulting team reviews the existing workflow, processes and operations to determine if an AI solution can bring efficiency. We do quick PoC and mockups to gather feedback from the stakeholders. Once the stakeholders can see the value, then we collect requirements and prepare a roadmap for your project that outlines the project timeline estimate, cost to build an AI app, and deliverables.

AI Use Cases 

Customer Experience


By leveraging AI to understand the customer better, taking advantage of real-time decisioning and predictive analysis, providing a hyper-personalized experience, and using AI chatbots to engage the customer, the customer journey can be improved through all touchpoints and across all channels.

Supply Chain


“AI in supply chain management is enabling improved supply chain automation through the use of virtual assistants, which are used both internally (within a given enterprise) as well as between supply chain members (e.g., customer-supplier chains).”

Predictive Analytics


AI is a combination of technologies, and machine learning is one of the most prominent techniques utilized in information governance to yield deeper insights about data. ... Predictive analytics is the analysis of historical data as well as existing external data to find patterns and behaviors.

Data Security


Cyber security companies are teaching AI systems to detect viruses and malware by using complex algorithms so AI can then run pattern recognition in software. ... AI systems can also be used in situations of multi-factor authentication to provide access to their users.



AI helps Fintech companies in resolving human problems, by enhancing efficiency. AI improves results by applying various methods derived from the various aspects of Human Intelligence at a beyond human scale. ... The word FinTech is synonymous with comfort, innovation, and high access to the financial world.



Using AI to Efficiently Diagnose and Reduce Error. ... Immune to those variables, AI can predict and diagnose disease at a faster rate than most medical professionals. In one study, for example, an AI model using algorithms and deep learning diagnosed breast cancer at a higher rate than 11 pathologists.

Human Resource


During the recruitment process, AI can be used to the benefit of not only the hiring organization but its job applicants, as well. ... Instead, AI technology allows new hires to utilize human resources support at any time of day and in any location through the use of chatbots and remote support applications.

Fraud Detection


During the recruitment process, AI can be used to the benefit of not only the hiring organization but its job applicants, as well. ... Instead, AI technology allows new hires to utilize human resources support at any time of day and in any location through the use of chatbots and remote support applications.

Research and Development


On a blockchain-based government model, individuals, businesses, and governments share resources over a distributed ledger secured using cryptography. This structure eliminates a single point of failure and inherently protects sensitive citizen and government data.

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