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This is me, Shalini Verma!I am the Founder & CEO of 'The Calibre Consultants'. I am a seasoned entrepreneur, sales expert and a marketing maverick.I tend to think out of the box hence providing pathbreaking solutions to business and my clients. I am a tech enthusiast and delve deep into tech solutions.Emerging technologies is my forte and I use Blockchain, AI , and other tech solutions for your quick support and benefit. Please feel free to connect with me anytime for a tech discussion or solution.

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My Story

I always wanted to serve people and help provide unique solutions to everyday business problems.This is what attracted me to Blockchain. In 2019 from a corporate sales background I delved deep into understanding Blockchain Technology, after completing my one year Diploma in Blockchain Management and solutions, I realised that I had only but scratched the surface of emerging technologies. My journey took a complete turn and from then onwards and now everyday I not only study several emerging technologies, like AI, LLMs, Edge computing, metaverse and its fantastic world of possibilities for businesses, social interactions and so on, but I also use these technologies to provide outstanding solutions to my clients. The reality or rather practicality lies between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 solutions, hence leveraging the power of social media and web 2 and enhancing them with decentralised Web 3 advancements has become my best practise. Along with my wonderful colleagues at The Calibre Consultants we aim to become most valued extensions of businesses today.

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