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Account and Billing System and


"Using an invoicing system on the blockchain will allow for seamless payments made automatically from the customer to a business's digital wallet. Transactions are easy to track and monitor and the entire history of an exchange can be downloaded from the blockchain."

"Blockchain is an accounting technology. It is concerned with the transfer of ownership of assets, and maintaining a ledger of accurate financial information. The accounting profession is broadly concerned with the measurement and communication of financial information, and the analysis of said information. Much of the profession is concerned with ascertaining or measuring rights and obligations over property, or planning how to best allocate financial resources. For accountants, using blockchain provides clarity over ownership of assets and existence of obligations, and could dramatically improve efficiency."

                                                                                               -ICAEW, India

Accounting And Billing Softwares

Billing/ Invoicing Software

Payroll management system

ERP Systems

CRM Softwares

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